Which indian cell phone works in US

My current samsung grand mobile is not working, and I am planning to buy a new one.
I want to buy a mobile in India which will work in the US as well, as i might be going to study there.
which mobile do you suggest I buy? I was planning on redmi 6 pro(12k rupees) or redmi 7(9k rupees). I dont want to spend more than 10k, will such a mobile work there smoothly. some people suggested me moto, what is your take on that?

I would say most of the mobiles work everywhere, it does not matter. Usually, after you are there for few months, you end up signing for a post paid plan that comes with a mobile plan. So, dont worry too much. ReadMobile Plans and Phones in USA

article was very helpful. i will go for cheaper model. If i get visa and go, there are a few events there relating to mobile and other issues during orientation.

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almost all phones will work in US but the problem is 4g. US has a different 4g band than India. if the phone doesnt support the band then the phone will basically use the slower 3g band. most phones outside of USA dont support the 4g band used in the US.


Most of the mobiles work here, when you buy a new mobile in india you should put indian sim first and activate it. later you can take it and use in any other country… recently got samsung A10 in india did the same, and it is working here…


thank you for the inputs. bought a slightly cheaper phone so i don’t regret.