which course should i go for??


I studied MBA in India and worked with a pvt bank in India for 2 years as Assistant Manager. Now I am in USA on H4 Visa. can u suggest what should I do in order to get a banking job in USA?? any particular course or change in visa status??

Well, you do not need another degree to get a job. Maybe studying will give you F1 status to work part time on campus. The first option would be to check, if your spouse’s green card process is close to a level for you to be eligible for H4 Visa EAD. Check H4 EAD requirements. If you are eligible you can apply for EAD and work on H4 visa.

Now, if you really want to study, it depends on your passion to continue in same area or pick something new. Based on that you can do any MS that fits your passion.