Whether Their will be any assurance of JOB after completing MS in USA?

  1. I am planning for MS. I have just completed my BE(Computer Science) in 2016. I want to apply for Washington University.So, how many score for GRE and TOFEL this university needs and my curriculum score is 70%. Wanted to know what will be the whole process to apply.


  1. I am currently working in MNC company but planning to go with H4 visa so whether I can give my GRE Exam in USA and am I able to study by my own for GRE & TOFEL (without any coaching…will i get my desired score) . If yes whether online study material is sufficient for study…


  1. for study which Visa will i get and after completion of MS… whether my Visa conversion will be successfully done. Because of changing political rule in USA whether their will be any difficulties for study or to get JOB in USA?

please do the needful…

Well, there is never job assurance for anything. It is up to you to find one.

We do not advise on schools per se. You can check with the school or their website on their average scores to get an idea of the required scores for admission. Check school for full process.

There is no visa you get after MS, you study on a visa either F1 or H4 in your case. If you are looking to study, you have no issues with the current situation of politics.