Whether stamping will be necessary for my dependents and myself ?

Please take some time to read over my question and answer my query.

I was working with an IT MNC in US with H1B visa and the last visa extension that I got through them was upto May 29th 2017. When I switched my employer, I had to transfer my H1B visa to the new employer and the validity date for the new visa was upto Feb 2nd 2018.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have switched my employer last July due to which the H1B transfer happened again and the validity that I have got on my H1B now is upto Jan 6th 2017. Moreover, my dependents (spouse and son) who are on H4 visa have gone to India for vacation on Jan 10th this year.

So, I have two questions here -

  1. Whether they will have to go for the stamping or interview in the consulate as the need be before they are supposed to come back to USA and join me ?

  2. Also, if I go to India whether I will have to go for the stamping ?

If you or dependents have previously approved unexpired visa stamps, you all can continue to use that visa stamp. It is ok if it was through one of the old employers.

When entering US, your dependents need to show copy of your latest 797, so that they can get an I-94 based on correct expiration date.