Where we need do give complaint when you are cheated by h1b employer?

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Can you please let me know Where we have to give the complaint when you are cheated by a h1b employer? the employer taken 3 lacs for h1b and not responding properly. Please suggest me where I have to give the complaint. I will reveal the company name later. My intension is no one would be victim of this employer. Please help me. Thanks.

PS: I’m not in US, currently i’m in india currently.


Just go to Department of Labor and discuss your actual situation with an officer. Don’t hide anything from them.

I am sure they will help you. Here in USA the laws are very strict.

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Thanks for your prompt reply but i’m not in US. I’m currently in India. So how I can give complaint when you are out of US.

Are you selected in lottery?

Yes. Just to add more details. Applied in 2014 APR and picked in lottery. But got RFE and the employer replied in Oct 2014 but status has come out on June 30 2015. The status was denied. But the employer is very rude and not picking the calls and responding the emails in entire this episode. some times he pick the calls but behaves rudely not giving proper answer.