Where is my point of entry?

I am a first time visitor to US on H1B. I am travelling from New Delhi to San Diego and in between there is a stop over at San Francisco. Any idea, where would be my Point of entry?

Also, there is a stop over time of 2:30 hours. If the POE happens at San Francisco, will the process complete in 2 hours so that I can board the flight further?

The first city you land on US is the POE.

If New Delhi> SFO>San Diego is your travel Itenirary? Then SFO is your POE.

Sorry, I don’t know about time it takes. Usually, you should be able to manage though, unless you have any problems.

Whenever you’re travelling, I wish you happy, safe and effortless journey :slight_smile: Good luck.

2 hours may be just right to get through immigration and customs. In case of any delay in your DEL>SFO, and you miss your connection, the airline will put you on the next available flight from SFO>SAN.