Where and When should i get first time H1B stamping, I have US MBA?

Hi experts,

My fiiance is in Eurpoe, and i have to travel to her in December 2012, After reading all the H1B stamping experince, I am bit worried about stamping process.

I have US MBA degree, which i recieved last year August 2011, I recently got my I94(H1B) card. This is my first H1B after working on OPT for a year.

My MBA university is not in top 20 but in top 50 and I am working in EC(Employer-Client) model. I start working with my client in last november 2011 and it’s a long term project till 2013. I do have client letter and all other formal documents.

My employer is also not very big consultancy but a decent one filed around 600 H1B and 30 Green card in last 10 year. My client is also not fortune 500 company but a 100 year old Media / B2B company.

so, my question is “Where and When should i get my first time H1B stamping”, I will prefered canada, becuase it is easy to travel from there to Europe. but do let me know, which place is preferrable and exactly when should i got stamp, right now, or in december 2012.

I know, in the end, H1B stamping is all luck, but i want to take experienced people correct advice and plan accordingly.

Please help, any swift response would be highly appreciated.