Where and how do I start looking for a job that accepts F1 visa - OPT?

I’m about to graduate in the summer and I have no idea what to do next. I know I’m supposed to apply for a CPT or OPT before I graduate. How would I know which company would accept my visa? I don’t know where to start looking.

Someone help please!

To find an employer:

  • If your school has campus recruitment events, then you can participate in that

  • Get in touch with your alumni to know where they were placed or are currently working, and see if they have any openings for entry level position

  • Get in touch with your other network of friends and colleagues

Few things to remember:

  • You can stay unemployed for only 90 days while on OPT

  • Companies have both disadvantage and advantage when hiring an OPT candidate. They don’t need to pay for any visa processing fees, but the employment is limited to 1 year unless OPT extension is filed or work visa like H-1 is applied

  • As H-1 is becoming difficult to obtain, you should try to find an employer who is willing to file H-1 this year in April. Gives you another shot at H-1 lottery

BTW, what’s your major?

My major is Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Corporate Management.

Don’t you have to be on OPT first before applying for H-1?
What’s a H-1 lottery?

OPT is not a pre-req to H-1. One can file H-1 even if the person is on F-1 and not on OPT.

If you want to avail H-1 under advanced degree cap, then you need to be graduated. So if you apply for H-1 in 2017, then you will be eligible under advanced degree; but depending upon when you are graduating in 2016, you may or may not be eligible under advanced degree cap.

There is annual cap on number of H-1 petitions that USCIS will process. In the past, there have been twice the number of filings. This causes USCIS to randomly select H-1 petitions, which is loosely referred as H-1 lottery. The more you apply in H-1, the better is your chance of getting H-1. This also needs to be done by an employer and once you have zeroed down on one, you can discuss H-1 and OPT options w/ them.