When will I receive my H4 EAD card? What should I do now?

Hi everyone,

I applied my H4 ead with my husband’s approved 140 letter on March 7th. My husband’s company lawyer submitted his H1b extension and my H4 extension on March 29th. And it has been almost 90 days since I applied my EAD, I haven’t received any update from USCIS. My current H4 will be expired in Sep 2016. I am not sure if the H1b/H4 extension application may effect my EAD processing time. I asked his lawyer and she replied NO, It won’t effect my EAD application.

I have called the USCIS and the reply is “Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application.” That means what?

Anyone has the similar issue before? What should I do now?

Please advice, thank you so much!


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Even if EAD is approved, it will be approved until Sep 2016, unless current H-4 extension gets approved first.

EAD processing time is around 3 months and they allow you to submit inquiries if the delay is more than 75 days. Once that timeline elapses, you can contact them and let them know that EAD has been pending more than 75 days.

I would rather they have me approved even only valid till Sep 2016… I have already PP H1b & H4 extension. Hopefully I will get approval sooner… crossed fingers !!!

I am in the exact situation now. I went to tier-2 in USCIS customer services as I had 3 different answers from tier-1. Can you post what actually happened?