when to go us once getting h1b visa in 1 oct

hello admin, recently i have got one sponsor for h1b visa from U.S. even i personally meet him when he arrived one month ago India. he said me that he applied for me in April 2016 and result declared in Oct 2016. but now i have some confusing questions as below.

1. once i will go U.S as h1b visa holder, Can i come back in those 3 year for occasional purpose like festivals, for marriage functions ect?

2. i am not married yet, but i engaged. can i come back for marriage after going 1 or 2 year?

3. if i married now, then i can go with my wife as h1b visa holder?

  1. H-1 is a multiple entry visa. So you can travel in and out of US during its validity period.

  2. Yes. Your spouse will have to apply for dependent visa (H-4), which allows the person to be in US but cannot work

  3. Same as #2. Once your H-1 petition is approved, she can appear for H-4 visa and then travel to US.

One suggestion: you seem to be new to H-1. There are many things to watch out for when applying H-1 and lot of times newbies fall into one of the classic traps/scams. I suggest doing as much research as possible before zeroing down on an employer.