When to file LCA for h1b application this year

I think I read somewhere that LCA will be rejected if it was submmitted over 6 months before employment. Basically I had to submit LCA no early than April 1.

However, I have to make sure my h1b application been received on April 1. The schedule doesn’t work.
Should I change the empoyment time on my LCA to September 1, so that I can file LCA earlier?

Thank you.


The process of LCA takes a week for the employer to finish his admin process and a week for the dept of labor to process your LCA, after the application has been submitted. To apply for H1b on April 1st, the LCA may be applied by mid March to be on safer side. The 6 month deadline is, 6 months before when your H1b petition has been received at USCIS, not Oct 1st start date.

If this is your first time H1b, you cannot start before Oct 1st 2015 by any means.

Your lawyer should take care of it for you.