When to expect H1B Visa status?


			My husband has applied for H1b via his employ from India. He came to know that few of his colleagues started getting response from USCIS. But He didn't get any response yet. His manager asked him to wait few more weeks. So my questions regarding this matter are following.
					By maximum what time he can expect final response from USCIS about his H1b status?
					Is there any way to inquire his visa status bypassing his employ?
					If he shortlisted than at what time he may get interview call?
					If he didn't shortlist than on what visa he can go to US for long term? When he can apply? Is it L1?​
				What is the probably of selection chances for him in other form of visa
					​ (L1)​
		Kindly reply as soon as possible.

Did he got thru lottery and got case number?