When should my client start the L1 to H1 COS process(deadline) for 2013?


Not sure whether these questions are answered in the past but looking for the right guidance. I am presently on long term transfer to the client place from an Indian company on L1 blanket VISA. I see a lot of job opportunities with better wages here for the technology I am working. But, I would have to have H1 and wondering when could be done for 2013 batch. People say that it’s easy and call it as L1 to H1 conversion.


	So, if any US company is interested to hire me, when should they have to start the process?

	 My client is willing to offer a job. But for some valid reasons, they are delaying. I really don’t want to force them, so I would like to wait as long as possible. But how long I can wait before I insist them to start working on this?

	Are there any links which would give detailed information on this process(such as document and other stuffs required for L1 to H1)?


I just want to make sure that I am talking all about 2013. Thanks so much for going through my concerns.




There is nothing like L-1 to H-1 conversion. What happens is that a company files H-1 petition for you (just like for a candidate who is present outside US on no visa) along w/ COS (change of status) from L-1 to H-1.

  1. The new filings start on April 1, 2013 and they can file on or after that date. Cap may get exhausted in few months, so they need to be able to beat that.

  2. See (1)

  3. You can refer the main website redbus2us.com and go to archive section to see articles written on this.