When should i do MS ? Directly after B.tech or Work and then?

When should i do MS ? Directly after B.tech or Work and then ?AS i want to do specialization on software development but my coding in not strong till date .so,should i have to improve my coding first to compete the IITANS comes for MS anfd to caught the MASTERS education level???

I would recommend coming directly after B.Tech. Upgrade your skills in the United States.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu


What is your end goal of MS ? Usually many pursue MS right after B.tech. Having said that, in USA, many of the americans puruse masters after work experience. If you plan to be a professor after MS, then you can do it right away…but, if you plan to work as scientist or in some research for a MNC company, then I recommed you do it after some work experience, as it gives you some background on how software is managed at a company level.

Thanks a lot sir,your information helped me alot;Please guide me little more and if,feasible answer my second question.

No, there is nothing as such. You can always improve coding skills. You can learn online using many of the courses that are offered online for free. Check out coursera https://www.coursera.org/

Sorry Sir but,now i am confused first u tell me that if have to work for some MNC then recommended to do MS after some work experience but now you ask me that i can improve my coding at any time means what i got, from ur comment is;that first come to ,MS then improve my coding here.if yes; then how could i got addmission i good universities if my profile is not good means i did’nt do much projects.Please clear me this and althouh sir,i put another question thier and that is my 2nd question;approximately 10 hours ago.Kindly reply to my that question.please reply my 2nd question sir ur answers are really helpful to me.

Working for couple years, will help you understand the overall big picture in a company and how software is used by companies around the world, it may not necessarily teach you how to code. Read my answer again. Coding skills can be learnt anytime, but experience you get in a company will help you understand the bigger picture. You need to be clear on your goal for higher education, first make sure you are clear on that, then make a decision and plan accordingly.

You should do it after gaining some experience in the similar field. Obliviously it adds some advance knowledge, but the current industry requirements is the skill, and for that aspect you need to gain it by working on yourself. I have also started work with EduHelpHub after completion my degree, that plays an important role in gaining industry knowledge.