When should I apply for COS after getting my I-797 A ?

I am currently in H4.I applied for H1 through my husband’s employer employer and got I-797 A.Can you please tell me the steps to change the status from H4 to H1(I should apply for COS or it will be done by the employer who did my H1).

If it is 797A then COS has been applied and approved.

Does that 797 document has an I-94 attached to the bottom of it?

Thanks saurabh.no it don’t have an I-94 attached to it.also when can I start working? Is it only from October onwards ?

That’s surprising. 797A is issued in case of COS approval. If there is no I-94 attached (same number as old I-94), then separate COS needs to be filed. Your employer can do that and request a start date of Oct 1. That’s the earliest start date for H-1.