When should a student apply for another college if H1B petition is rejected

  1. In general, if H1B petition is rejected and the student is informed of it by a document from USCIS on August 31, does not the student still have two months grace period following August 31, that is , till October 31 to submit the required documents to another college in order to maintain status and continue on F1 ?

    1. How is the two months grace period calculated if H1B petition is denied - from the date of end of OPT (not extended OPT) or from the date of receival of the rejected petition from USCIS ?

    2. Assuming that the student submits the documents in the grace period month of October, and is taken aback when he comes to know that his SEVIS is closed by his old college, can a reinstatement be applied by the new college without the student leaving the US? If so, how much time will it generally take to get reply back from USCIS and get back F1 status ?

    Please advise.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

I don’t think date of H-1B rejection is used in any calculations, it is a separate activity. You can ask this question to one of our counselors and get a very informed answer. My guess is you will be reinstated on F-1 but do ask this question again to one of the counselors.

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