When i am on vacation from US to India, Can i schedule for Visa interview in other location than residence ?


I am currently in US and planning to go to India on vacation. As i need stamping for my H1B visa, can i schedule my interview in Chennai? I am from Andhra Pradesh state. When i use the scheduling website, the location is defaulted to Hyderabad when i select the state of residence as Andhra. I heard that there is an exemption for applicants travelling from US with respect to location. Is it true?

Can i select state as Tamilnadu and schedule interview in Chennai. My DS160 will have AndhraPradesh address. Please suggest.

Yes, you can go to any US consulate in India for stamping. However, the dates are pretty backlogged. So check the availability before making travel plans.

Thanks Saurabh. Can you please let me know how i do that? just select Tamilnadu in scheduling site?

Yes, you can do that to get Chennai consulate.