When do I submit DS-160?

My Petition is still be adjudicated by USCIS. Should I wait until I (hopefully) get approval, or would it be prudent to submit the DS-160 prior to the notification?

Indeed, is it expected for the DS-160 to be submitted earlier?

I note that the DS-160 doesn’t have a space for the approval number, but the system to make an appointment does.

Thanks in advance.

Without petition approval, what is the point of filling DS-160?? What are you planning to do with that?

If you wish you can fill anyways as it can be valid for 3 months of time…

you can fill it whenever you want. but typically it would ask for date of planned return - which should be the last date as per your approved petition.

people usually submit ds-160 after approval is received and just before or immediately after they take visa appointment