What's the status after 221G is issued?I got 221G but my status is showing as refused.


What’s the status after 221G is issued?I got 221G but my status is showing as refused and last case update date is of interview day. Actually I didn’t check the status after interview when 221G was given, i checked the status on the next day of submitting documents. I heard after submission it takes some time in processing so it doesn’t seem possible to process in a day. Moreover last case updated date is of interview day, so just want to ask if status is set to Refused in case of 221G and can it change after documents submission.


Issue of 221g is for varied reasons. Online status can show ‘refused’, ‘admin processing’ ‘name change’ ‘pending’ etc and it changes once documents requested have been submitted, reviewed etc. So the status you are seeing at present does not mean much unless it says ‘denied 214b INA’ which is not the case here.


Thanks Mr. Shankar for your response. I was bit worried by looking at the status but after reading your response I’m still hopeful.


I submitted by documents at dropbox for H1B restamping. I lost my passport and had to get the visa restamped as this one expires on Jul-2018 and need this to apply for renewal.
I got a 221g letter with my passport asking for police report. i went for interview and they kept the passport. I came back and checked status within an hour and it say “Refused”. What does this mean? It was a simple case I thought but I am extremely stressed out


Panky D you got your visa or no ??


Snehajain you got your visa or no