What's my status on 1st October !!

I have a question related to my H-status.

I am currently on H4 in US.

I got H1 approved in 2013 with start date of 1st Oct.

In June - I will travel to India for a week (urgent) and be back in June itself on already stamped H4.

My spouse (who is on H1) will be changing job in August - hence this would lead to my new H4 in August.

Now on 1st October - what will be my status - will it be H1?

Pl help me.

Was your H1-B petition Change of Status or Consular Processing? If Consular Processing, you need to leave the US, get the H1-B visa stamp and enter on that to be in H1-B status.

If Change of Status, then so long as you are in the US on valid non-immigrant status (e.g. H4) on 1st October, your status will change to H1-B.

Check with your lawyer to be sure.

I strongly suggest to check with any of the attorny there

As far as I know, once you come to india, you need to get the H1 stamping [which will cancel your current H4] and then wait till oct to get into US

If u are coming to India in June, you might end up staying in India till Oct 1st

I just heard the above things thru my friend. So I’m not very sure about it

Please reconfirm it

All the best