What's minimum H1B detail needed for transfer , before stamping


I have an approved H1B from company A but not yet stamped. I have been talking to another company B for better offer and HR is asking to share my H1B detail before proceeding.Which I do not have much

I would like to know is it needed to share receipt no detail?

what's the minimum info I can share for company B to proceed ?

I have not completely decided to go for company B at this point , and want to have their offer independently since they are looking for H1 candidate…Can you please help to answer this.

Just the receipt number and print out of online status showing that the receipt is approved is sufficient.

However, most of the employers like to see copy of previously approved 797 as it would contain your name and validity dates and will give them confidence that you are not cooking up stories.

Do you have any reasons to not trust this company?

Thanks Saurabh for your reply. It helps! Since it’s not yet stamped, I want to be cautious before that. Also I don’t want to initiate this H1 transfer Stuff if I am not joining company B finally.

Can you help me with one more thing Saurbh , is it possible for company B to know which company has filled the H1B and wage offered…I just want to negotiate more on that so…(sorry if its too basic question )

Remember, even if H-1 petition is approved for B, you can still continue to work for A. The H-1 is really not transferred and you end up w/ 2 approved petitions - A’s and B’s.

They can know the company’s name if they look at your 797 approval notice. As for wages, they will need a copy of offer letter from A.