what would be the fee to change from h4 to f1

I hold h4 visa,do i still need to take take the gre test to do my MS .

If i can join through h4 ,when can i change my status to f1?what would be the fee for COS from h4 to f1.

You will have to check w/ the school. Some require it, while others waive it off on the basis of previous work experience and recommendation letters.

You can join on H-4 and can later apply COS to F-1. The fees is around $325 for the COS. I don’t remember the SEVIS fees.

Most of the good schools require you take GRE. They may waive your TOFEL, if you explain that you have been in the US and other reasons. Some schools may waive GRE as well, but be cautious about the school and check everything.