What will happen to existing appointment if we separate CGI profile for H1 and H4

I (H1) and dependents (H4) are eligible for Drop box. I have CGI profile with dependents information added. Now I got drop box appointment which is in 2023.

I’m planning to split the profile into 2 current profile for me (H1) and new profile for spouse and child. (H4) so that I can book individual H1 and H4 slots.

I would like to know that if I split the profile then what will happen to current appointment? Will it get canceled entirely and I need to rebook again for all or it will get canceled only for dependents and I need to rebook for them?


I think your will need to remove the dependents from your profile and appointment and book new appointment for them. You may still be able to keep the already booked slot for you.

Contact VFS and double check.


Thanks Kalpesh. Will check with VFS.

Just to update with correct process.

If we want to split an account for H1 & H4 then first if have an existing appointment booked for H1+H4 then that needs to be canceled. Then we need to remove dependents from CGI account of H1. Post that we can proceed to book an appoint for H1 alone and can create separate CGI portal account(s) for dependents (H4).

In this case, precaution to be taken while booking slot for dependent(s). We must book a slot for dependent which is at least 3 weeks later as that of appointment date of H1. This is because, with separate accounts for H4, we have share photocopy of stamped H1 visa while going for H4 appointment.

If anyone is creating separate accounts for dependents and that also separate account for spouse and another account for child then while booking a slot for child it is mandatory that both the parents have H1 & H4 Visa stamped. So in this case, one need to make sure that H1 appointment is booked then with difference of 3 weeks Spouse’s appointment is booked and after that 3 weeks later appointment is booked for child


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I am though a bit skeptical about the 3 weeks gap. If H1B stamping takes longer than 3 weeks which it can if you get 221g and in this case dependent stamping will be affected.

That is true but it also totally depends on your documentation. In my case, I dropped documents at Mumbai for H1B on 19th Sep and home delivered my stamped passport on 22nd Sep morning. :slight_smile: In general case, better way is to wait for your H1B stamp and then schedule H4 appointment. But yes, having separate accounts for H1 & H4 really helps.

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