What will be the total cost for MS in USA in H4 visa?


I am Kumar, will be in US shortly (H4 Visa).I completed B.Tech in IT and 4 years experience. I would like to know can I do MS/PhD/MBA in US universities by paying resident fee.

What will be the total cost for MS in the USA in H4 visa(resident fee)?

Please help me select universities in New Hampshire.

You will be an international student as you have to get an I-20 and f1 visa. So mostly you dont get the in-state fee option.

Read this article : Study on H4 Visa - In-state tution info

It varies by school. You would need to look for state schools in New Hampshire and see the in-state tution fee.  You get in-state only if you are eligible as mentioned in article.

Not true. You can study on H4. You can convert, if you choose to to F1 visa and get I20.

Thanks Kumar for letting me know, I thought it was the usual way…I did not know about it…