What to do after my H1B visa is approved

I’m in the US completing my Masters on an F1 visa. I was hired by my university and received my H1B visa in April 2015. I haven’t been home to my home country (Australia) since then, and was wondering what I need to do in order to pick up my visa when I head back to visit Australia in for 2 weeks June. I’m concerned about my re-entry to America and want to make sure I have everything sorted. Thanks.


Inquire what the process is for the embassy or consulate you picked in your application. Some will work on a first come, first served basis… other american consulates have an appointment system. in either case:

  • Plan accordingly for their processing time (some may take more than two weeks)

  • Be sure to take with you all documents that may be needed (e.i. letter of employment offer, diplomas and certificates, the more the better, just in case)

  • Chill and present yourself at their counter on the given day and time. This kind of interviews are fast and more of a formality. Be sure you go to the once consulate/embassy you picked on your h1b application.

  • have in mind that sometimes they will keep your passport and mail it back to you in one or two weeks, then you can make plans to fly back.

Congrats and good luck pal!

this is just an opinion and not legal advice - talk to your lawyer for more insight before you go

you need to undergo with stamping process at US consular in Aus.

chances are good but can’t predict anything. overall it is bit risk so dont visit back home for no real reason.

Hence, you need to get your H1B visa stamped. Without a stamped H1B visa you cannot re-enter USA. And since you have an approved H1B visa, your visa status is changed and that doesn’t reflect on your passport correctly. And, it is a must that your passport should reflect your current status i.e., H1B visa to reenter the US.