What stage of Criminal Case in India May be Hinderance to H1B Visa

This year 2015 , my h1b visa has been filed by my employer. Iam a divorcee and earlier in year 2010, my x wife on a fine day had rushed to police station falsely complaining that i had beaten her, police had called me , asked me certain questions and asked me to come next day.Next day when i visited police station i saw she is already present and when i reached the officer he asked me to sign 1 paper and let me go.i believe it was a warning letter, later on that year we took a mutual divorce.MY QUESTION IS , IS THIS ONE ISOLATED EVENT CAN BE A HINDERANCE IN MY H1B Process.

In the United States, the incident is considered to be criminal in nature and become a deportable offense if proven. In India, these matters run differently. You might want to clarify from the police station in question if the report has been expunged. If yes, you have nothing to worry about. If no, then you have to ask what the implications are. In either case, questions in DS-160 must be answered truthfully.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu