What should be H4 "US Contact Information" for form DS160

My H1B petition is approved. I am planning to take appointment for new H1B for myself and H4 for my wife from India. In form DS160, there is section for “US Contact Information”.

I have a question. For H4 what should be the “US Contact Information”. I am currently in India. Can i give my name for “US Contact Info”. If i give my name what should i give as address. Can i gve my employers address as i dont have a US address right now.

Thanks. Any help is appreciated

It can be same contact information as yours. If you are giving your manager/employer name, then use the same for her.

Hi saurabh, if I use employer contact information for my wife’s ds160 (h4b), what should I choose for relationship field. Shall I use employer only.