What should be done if we receive a 221g and our passport is not returned

I had attended my H1B visa interview on the 15th of november 2016 at the hyderabad consulate. During the time of interview the officer has hardly asked me any questions and gave me 221g white color form and has collect my passport.

I was mentioned that an additional processing will be done on my application and this process should be done in around 3 to 4 business days. However, its been almost more than a month and i have received no update on my status.I have tired reaching the customer care, send out multiple emails to us.travel supports and I get an automated reply which doesnot answer any of my questions.

I have a fulltime job in the U.S, my family stays is currently in U.S and Iam stuck here not knowing on how many days this process will take. what else can be done in such situation? Please guide me if you know any information.

Sorry to hear about this. Your passport has got stuck in administrative processing which means the 221g objection was minor. Usually an employer needs to fax a reminder to complete processing directly to consulate and hopefully you will be able to return soon…