What questions to expect for H4 interview, after being on F1 previously


I was on an F1 visa, and had applied for a STEM extension. Unfortunately, my application did not reach USCIS in time, and I got an I-797c rejection. In order to avoid any days of unlawful stay, I left he US and came back to India 3 days later. I had applied for an H1B (advanced degree/regular processing), but since I haven’t heard back from anyone yet, I am assuming that i wasn’t picked this year.

Now I am trying to go back to my husband, and have applied for an H4. I have an interview scheduled in Mumbai in July. What kind of questions can I expect? Also, will my visa be rejected, based on the fact that I was working before and I am going back? I have a PhD and they might ask me whether I will work there. When I say no, will it be convincing enough?

Also, any other pointers will be very useful. Thanks!

I don’t think your education and past work experience will cause H-4 denial.

They would ascertain whether you are eligible for H-4 visa and did you maintain legal status in US in the past (when you were on F-1). If both are met, then they would approve the H-4.