What other option if H1 B and L1B extension denied - until Baby's Delivery


I am on my L1B first Extension with company A,valid till Jan mid 2013.  Company B has filed my H1b which is still in Initial review.Now my wife is pregnant and due date is in early Jan 2013,just before the expiry of my L1b.


Here is my situation, Company A is not filing another extension of my L1B due the increasing  denials.


1.If the Company B - H1 b is denied as well, What other options do I have to stay in US until my kid is born?

2.Can Company A file a Tourist Visa until my kids delivery ,until I can apply and get the baby's passport.

3.Can I go ahead and file a tourist visa and stay back for a while until the baby and the mother are healthy, if Company A wont file it.

4.My H1B was filed in the beginning of May- regular processing, I am not seeing any change in status. How long does an ideal H1b approval/denial occur.Will I come to know abt the result by the end of this year.(within 7 months of applying)

5.I know this question may not be your domain: But still asking:  I am on company A's insurance, if I switch to Company B (consulting firm) by End of this year, Will pregnancy be covered by the new company's insurance ,or will they not consider pregnancy ,any chance ruling it out as a pre-existing condition.


Thanks for you help as always
  1. You can convert to B1/B2 visa, make sure you do it before your I-94 expires. Your COS has to be filed properly before you lose your status.

  2. Yes, talk to immigration of Company A

  3. Yes, you should be able to do it. Just check with an attorney or schedule an appointment with USCIS for walkin. check their website.

  4. Well, there is no fixed time. You can upgrade to Premium processing to avoid delays. It is not a bad idea.

  5. It will cover. Just make sure you communicate to new insurance agency that you always had insurance previously and give the old company info as well.