what next - RFE denied

in the month of august-15 my employer replied for the RFE with the offer letter to prove employee/employer relation after 2month status changed to ‘we denied your Form I-129, Petition’.

what are my options now? Please help

I have no idea what exactly was the requirement in the initial RFE and what documents my employer has replied with to the RFE.

Your employer has 30 days to file MTR or appeal the decision if they believe they have valid documents and information to overturn the original decision.

What are the chances after MTR?

Hi, ur status got changed from Doc’s Received for RFE to Denied form I-129.
Just asking .my case also in status Doc’s received by last 2 months…

please inform me.

All depends upon what the rejection reasons were and how they are countered in the MTR.