What kind of legal jobs can I apply under CPT auth for 40hours/week

  1. What kind of legal jobs can I apply for if I get CPT authorization for 40hours/week ? Is there any restriction to the kind/type of jobs we could work under CPT ? (I have 7 years of experience in Networking and Project Management)

  2. Under CPT, what is the safest distance you could travel to work from your college ? (I do have an option for weekend classes)

  3. I heard that you could work for only 11 months and 29 days full time CPT and anything more that that could invalidate you to apply for the 12 month OPT ?

  1. On CPT, you can only work in jobs that are related to your academic field. All the jobs on CPT will need to be taken for credit at school and approved by your academic department. Most of the schools expect that you submit a report at the end of CPT for every semester on what you have done that semester. Also, you can only work for 20 hrs on CPT during regular session and 40 hrs during Summer breaks.

    1. It depends on school, some only permit within the city, some permit outside of the city as well…you need to check with your school.

    2. Yes, you will lose OPT if you work on CPT for 12 months.

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