What is the total duration I can stay in USA under H1B?


My employer had filed H1B in year 2013 and I got my Visa stamped in Jan 2014 with an expiry date of May 2016. I travel to USA on July 2015 and the employer has file I-94 extension which will expire in Dec 2018. Since there are many dates involved, I was wondering till what time I can stay in USA? I know H1B can be extended till 6 years but not sure till what time I can stay in USA?

Any inputs would be helpful

You can stay and work in US until your 797 and I-94 expires (whichever is earlier). If the H-1 and I-94 got extended, then new dates matter.

Your visa stamp doesn’t impact you as long as you are inside US. Anytime you travel after visa stamp expiration, you will have to appear for new visa stamping.

I understand that dates in 797 and I-94 justify the stay. But I can stay until 2021 (2015 + 6) or until 2018 (till my extended I-94 expires)?

If no new petition/extension is filed, then you can stay and work until Dec 2018. A new extension can be filed 6 months prior to current I-94 expiration date.

You can stay for at most 6 years inside US. Only the time spent inside US gets counted. Assuming you never leave US now, you can stay until July 2021. If you leave US for a year in b/w (continually or in breaks), then you can stay until July 2022.