what is the reason for processing H1 B petition as a Consular Notification petition?

Hi Team,

My manager has nominated my name for H1-B visa processing for the year Apr-2016. I have submitted all my documents to the visa processing team. After 10 days, I got a mail from the team as below:

*** Based on the information you provided, we are planning to file this H-1B petition as a Consular Notification petition. This means that, if the petition is approved, your H-1B status will not automatically take effect on October 1, 2016 (the first day of the new fiscal year). Instead, in order to activate your H-1B status, you will need to obtain an H-1B visa stamp* at a U.S. consulate abroad and then use that visa stamp to enter the U.S. The first day that you will be permitted to use this visa stamp to enter the U.S. is September 21, 10 days before October 1. If f you have dependents who need to acquire H-4 status, they should travel with you in order to activate their H-4 status. We will be providing additional case-specific advice to you about travel and U.S. entry shortly.***

  1. What is Consular Notification Petition?

  2. Why my company is processing Consular Notification Petition?

  3. What are the benefits/disadvantages in processing Consular Notification Petition?

Could you please provide your inputs.



  1. Consular notification is default for candidates who are outside US. If the person is inside US, then he has 2 options - COS or consular notification. For ones outside US, there is no choice but consular notification.

  2. Probably b/c you are outside of US

  3. You have to appear for stamping and once approved, can then travel to work in US. If you were in US and get COS approved, then you can start working w/o needing to get the visa stamped first.