What is the processing time and Acceptance/Rejection rate for Vermont - H1b Extension in Regular and Premium?

What is the Acceptance Rate at Vermont for H1 Extension?

Does any one have RFE experience or Denials from vermont?

Is premium processing better with H1 expiring in August and NTA rule coming in September?


I am in a same situation where i got RFE for my normal H1B extension application to Vermont service center. USCIS website shows my “We received your response to our request for more information. Your case is no longer on hold” but there is no update after that.A few on my friends received their approval within 3 weeks.ThanksAwni

Thanks for the update. 3 weeks in regular is really surprising! When did you apply for extension and when did you receive the RFE? I received my receipt on 25th. I am in a dilemma if I have to upgrade to Premium, because of the Sep 11 rule.
Good luck to you!

My case is as below

Receipt date:Feb 15th
RFE date:May 22nd
RFE response submitted:July 19th

I am also thinking for premium processing but not sure if this is a good idea or not.