what is the importance of marketing your resume once you hold h1b


I’m a Mainframe professional with close to 6 years of experience. I recently moved to US on dependent visa and currently looking for H1b sponsors

I have been approached by 2 consultancies. Both these consultancies have good track record based h1b statistics of 2012 denials being less

Consultancy ‘A’

  1. Seems to have clients related to Mainframe. As per the recruiter with whom i spoke.

  2. I dont know any person who have worked with them previously. Online reviews were not that good.

  3. While the pay being offered is less but they are READY to market the resume as well

Consultancy ‘B’

  1. I directly know a person who work with them currently. Feedback she gave is quite ok

  2. Pay offered is compatively better

  3. But they are not ready to market my resume

As I’m new to this place, i have very little idea about the possibilities of getting job on our own without marketing . Please advise, which option would be better .

As lot of resumes in the market these days, it is really important to make sure that the resume reaches the right set of eyes at the right time. Do not underestimate the importance of marketing of the resume.

In the short term, it is better to go w/ an employer who has better chances of approval and who can get a project along w/ relevant documents for H-1 processing. Once approved, you can decide to change employers to better paying ones.

Ask both companies as to which ones have direct clients, and which one will put you through layers of vendor(s).