WHat is the difference between Change in status( L1 to H1) and Fresh H1 B


I am dependent on L 2 .My husband has L1 visa ,we are in USA and we have I 94 valid till feb 2015. SO my question is if we want to transfer on H 1 B status , either through change of status or fresh H1 B .

So some we contacted some consultant , what he should do for us so that we can file our H1 as soon as possible,


Both H-1s have same timeline and don’t differ much. Basically, there are 2 options:

  1. File H-1 w/ consular processing which means your status will remain L-2 even after H-1 gets approved

  2. File H-1 w/ COS which means your status will change to H-1 from COS approval date

If you want to start working from Oct 1, then go w/ option 2. If you want to delay your H-1 start date, then go w/ option 1.