What is the chance of rejection for H4 to H1B visa stamping for first time?


I came to US on H4 jul 2012 and got my H1b visa last year nov 2013 after RFE. I started working for my employer in an in-house project for 3 months. Then I got another 6 month contract to hire project in March and has three layers between the client and my employer. Now, I have planned a trip to India.

My client wont provide me client letter. I have only employment letter from my employer. Is it okay?

Do I need documents from each vendor layer?

What are the chances for my rejection since I have too many layers or by any other reason?

You have not told how long your current Visa is valid for without which our answer may not be entirely relevant to your current scenario. I am assuming here that your Visa expires when you travel back to India…

Having too many layers in between the Client and the Employer certainly looks bad but it would not have mattered if the Client would have agreed to issue the Client Letter.

Why not apply for an extension while you are in the US and then travel to India? This way, you don’t have to worry about your Visa validity and can return easily.