what is security check

current case status is “request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed” and the status has not been changed from last 3 months.When i have checked with my employer, they said that they did not received the RFE documents from USCIS. last week my employer has raised a request to USCICS about the same . Our employer got the reply as follows:

We have placed your case on a processing hold because the required security checks remain pending.Please be assured that we will make every effort to make a decision in your case as soon as the security checks are complete.

Could someone please let me know what exactly it does mean.Thanks

During processing, USCIS can conduct security check on the employer or employee. They stop the processing until security clearance has been received.

Check w/ employer if he is seeing any movement on other petitions filed by them, or if all of them are stuck.

Saurabh,Thanks for the reply.
I have inquired with our employer, they said other cases have progress.
Usually how much time it will take for the security check

There is no set SLA. It can take few weeks to several months. If other petitions are making progress, then you should see some activity soon.

Hi Saurabh,

My previous H1 was revoked by USCIS(not aware of the reason) when I was in India in 2016. I came back on H4 last October and the same employer (renowned US Company) applied a new COS cap exempt petition in premium. But it’s been 4 months already. My employer had followed up with USCIS many times, but looks like it’s been on hold because security check is pending.

  1. I am not aware of the impact and how much time I can expect on this.
  2. Can I apply another COS H1 petition though another employer while this is pending?
  3. What will be the impact? If I am applying another petition, what are the chances of the new petition going to security check?