What is process of doing phd in usa

I have done master in computers and electrical from canada and betcha from India Punjab university in electronic and electrical(70%) . I want to do phd in usa can you please advice what is the process of doing phd in usa with full funding and how to connect with prof.

I am doing GRE in India and planing to go back to canada in May . Is it to easy get visa for phd from canada or I should apply from India.

Applying to PhD program for admission is similar to applying for MS. You can check out any of the universities websites to see the full process. You would need to take GRE and TOEFL. You may also be required to take Subject GRE, based on the school and requirements. You need to be clear on your goal for PhD. Usually professors expect that you are passionate about research and you are clear on what you want to do before even applying for PhD. So, you need to identify your area of interest. If you are not clear, talk to an admission counsellor at any US university and they will help you. Regarding visa, it is a different thing all together. If you do your best with everything, it should not be an issue…I cannot speak for India vs Canada.