What is mean by "the minimum wage according to LCA"?


I am on H1B, working as a consultant (paid on per hour basis) and my client changes in every 3 to 8 months but with in the same county and state. In my LCA Wage Rate (Required)$ 80k is written and Prevailing wage $72592 is written.

As I get salary on per hour basis, so my salary differs in every paystub, sometimes $5760 sometimes $2400 but at the end of the year the total of all paystubs always falls above then my LCA ( $80k ), Some of my friends said that my every paystubs should need to have $3333 ( $80000 X 12 months) according to my LCA .

Could you please answer:

  1. What my friend said is correct?

  2. What is the difference-LCA Wage Rate (Required) and Prevailing wage?

Thanks in advance.

LCA wage rate is a national rate based on your qualifications. The prevailing wage refers to local demographics based on city / county cost of living and employer paying capacity. As long as your hourly rate meets (or exceeds) the prevailing wage standard, your employer is in compliance. The fact that you are being paid based on work available and it fluctuates month to month is unsettling but not a violation of DOL stipulations or USCIS statutes. Hope this helps.