What is least possible date to confirm H1B visa is approval

Hello All,
I got an offer from new company & date of joining will be April 15 2020. So my current is ready to apply H1B visa.
Is it possible to get visa approval before April 15 2020 through premium processing?

And what is least possible date to confirm visa is approved ?

Assuming you are outside of US and have not had H1B visa…
No, the H1B Process is long. You cannot work for them before October 1st.
They should apply for H1B now during March 1st to March 20th and then if selected in lottery, next steps kick in. If you miss, you need to wait a year.

Thank you so much, Kumar.

Your assumptions are right. I am from india and don’t have H1B.

My current company had applied for HB1 on March 2

  1. Suppose if I will be selected in lottery then
    -is there any possibility for visa rejection again after the lottery?

  2. Suppose if I will be selected in lottery then
    When (date) will get visa using premium processing?

Because I want to know whether my visa will be approved or not , before April 15 2020.

  1. Yes, you can get denied during application process and also can during visa stamping.
  2. there is no info yet on it.

Hard to know by then, even with premium as they usually give delayed dates for premium during H1B season start.