what is Good time to travel to USA first time on h1b


I want to know will the mid October be the good time to visit USA on my H1B for the first time.

I know that first some formalities will have to be completed after landing in USA and then Job search have to be done. Will there be enough time for all that before christmas vacation starts in USA. Will it be possible to get a good job based on job market conditions if arrived in USA in mid october.

I am expecting my approval in next 2-3 weeks ( by Mid June ) and then Visa stamping in another 15-20 days (best case) but a 3 months notice period in blocking my lots of time.


Most of the companies have fiscal year ending in Dec/Jan. New budgets get allocated for next fiscal year with additional recruitment resources. So if you have to search for projects, then come in Jan, so that you can avert the close of fiscal year hiring freeze and winter holidays.

Just my 2 cents.