What is exactly one year gap & am I eligible for 1 year gap


I was on L1B and I was staying in USA for 48 Months ( Dec 2010 to Dec 2014)

I came back to India on December 29th

One consultant applied my H1B VISA this year April 2015 and my case is selected in lottery & approved as well

Q-1. if I am stamping VISA before Dec 2015,For how many more months I will be eligible legally to work on H1B in USA

Q-2. If I am going for stamping on/after Jan 2016( a year of staying in India) is this consider as one year gap

Q-3 How my USA stay period will be recycle and will be eligible for 6 years more staying in USA.

Kindly comment

AFAIK, you applied for H-1 within 1 year of leaving US. So your clock is not reset. Irrespective of when you appear for stamping, you can stay for only 6 years less time already stayed inside US on L-1.

Once you enter US on H-1, ask your employer to start green card process immediately. This could allow you to file for 7th year extension and beyond.