What is duration of F1 student visa and how it will affect?

I have applied for MS in Information management- Executive track where credit requirement is 30 and program length is 2 year full time. They have created confusion regarding student F1 visa and they are telling that With less credits required, the time to complete the program of study would be less than the time required for the regular MS program. Therefore, the visa document issued for the Executive program will be for less time than the regular MS program. Does it really affect my F1 student visa process? and they also told me that i am not allowed to do CPT so how it will affect my study plan.

Your visa stamp / I-94 record will always say D/S which means you stay until your studies are complete. No, your F-1 process is not impacted. Yes, CPT is a problem with shorter programs but you can always continue studies at another institute.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar,