What is difference between revoke, withdraw, cancel of a stamped H1B?


Basically I want to know what all actions an employer can do to a Stamped H1B visa which is valid for 3 yrs, and not traveled.

Any of these or other action from employer will make a stamped (not traveled) not transferable to other employer ?


  • Employer can send a letter to USCIS asking them to withdraw/revoke the approved petition

Visa Stamp:

  • Employer will have to send physical passport to consulate in order to cancel it. So it is up to whether to share the passport w/ them or not

In both instances, you are still eligible for cap-exempt petition in future.

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In any of above , Do i need re-stamping,like go to visa interview again -( ?

If visa stamp is canceled by taking physical custody of your passport, then you need to appear for stamping again.

As always, stamping is required if the visa stamp has expired irrespective of whether it has been canceled or not.