What information regarding marital status and address should be put in DS160 if we fill it before marriage date?

I am Namrata.

I will be getting married on 21st November 2017 and planning to take H4 VISA appointment in the following week of Nov 2017.

To schedule an appointment, I have to fill up form DS 160 this week. Currently I am single however at the time of H4 VISA appointment, my status would be ‘Married’.

Note: I am not going to change my name after marriage and not going to change the passport as well.

Please help me with below queries when I am filling up form DS 160 today.

1) Marital status:

Currently : Single

At the time of VISA interview: Married

What status should I put, while filling up the the DS 160 form ?

2) Home address & Mailing address:

Currently : Current address staying with my parents (Address mentioned on the passport)

However at the time of VISA interview ( i.e. after 21 Nov), I will start staying with my in-laws.

Should I put my current address (per passport address) or address of in laws ( husband’s India address)

3) Working / Home maker:

Currently : Working

At the time of VISA interview in Nov :I will not be working as I would resign and stop doing job from September.

So now while filling up the DS 160 form today, should I mention that I am a home maker or Working?

Your reply and valuable inputs will really help me to proceed.

Thank you in advance.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You are responding to questions on DS-160 based on answers that will be verified on day of interview. Therefore

  1. Marital status on DS-160: Married

  2. Address on DS-160: Exactly as in passport so it will be your maiden address unless you are applying for new passport with changed address.

  3. Employment status: Homemaker

Thank you very much Sandeep sir.

Hello Sandeep Sir,

You had advised me regarding filling up form DS 160 for H4 visa.My marriage date is in November and I will going for visa interview after that in the same week. Currently I am working but at the time of VISA interview, I will not be working. Hence you had mentioned to put" Home maker" under current employer details. Hence, I tried to put my current employer details in the “Previous” employer details as I have resigned and my last day at current office would be 29th Sept. But from “from-to” date field, it is not allowing me to put “later than today’s date” that is 29th Sept in the “to” date field.

Can you please advice what should I do?

**Under previous employer details, it allows to put only details of 2 employers. My work duration in current company would be 3 months and I have experiences from total 3 employers. Previous is “May 16 to June 17” and current would be “June 17 to Sept 17”.

Your advice would help to complete my form early.

Thanks in advance.

Good question. Your affiliation with a company has to be more than 6 months for it to be considered relevant to USCIS purposes. This also means it doesn’t really matter if you show June 2017 to August 2017 (day of filling DS160) or September 2017 (actual end date). Previous employer entry of May 2016 through June 2017 can be as-is. This section is being used to evaluate if you had connections with any international security red-flagged employers and it is not exactly a query into work history.

Thank you very much Sandeep Sir. Your inputs are always useful. As I cannot put future end date of September, I have 2 options.
A. Not to mention this(current) job details at all.( only 3.5 months total)
B. Put the end date for current job as today’s date and in description mention the last date as September 29.
Please advise.
Best Regards

Option B is best. Current employment must be disclosed.

Thank you Sir. I have filled up my form DS160 and submitted it with the discussed details.

However, I have made a small mistake. Estimated duration in US, I have put “One Year” and my spouse’s petition expires 2 months before completing the one year’s stay in USA. On the immihelp, it has written, count the days from your date of interview till the petition ends.

I have updated my profile and reference no. for payment is also generated but I havent made the payment yet. Should I fill up new DS160?

Also, my spouse have written 1 year in his DS160 and already booked an appointment.

Can you please help in this situation?

Thank you very much in advance.

Just go ahead and leave it as is. Time of stay is always rounded to next whole number for example 5.5 months will be 6 months and 7-9 months will be 1 year.

Thank you very much for the valuable inputs Sandeep Sir. I will follow the same and proceed with taking the VISA appointment.!