What if STEM extension gets cancelled on 2/1/16?

The new ruling stating that the STEM extension may be cancelled (or not) on 2/1/16 makes the future uncertain for many of us. What are some possible action steps to continue working in the US?

Another challenge is that h1bs cannot be submitted until april… Or can someone shed light on possible ways to get around this?

If you can move to any other status like H-4 or F-2 or L-2, then you can do that.

If OPT is canceled on Feb 12, 2016, then you will have 60 days to stay inside US. You cannot work during the period but can file for H-1 petition w/ COS. If H-1 gets selected, you will be eligible for cap-gap and can continue to stay (but not work) until Oct 1, 2016. I would suggest filing w/ premium processing, so that you know quickly about your selection in the lottery.

Can h1 petition be filed before April?

No, they can not be filed prior to April 1.