What if I left my job while my STEM OPT application is pending?

I applied for 17 Month STEM Extention on April 22 (Before May 10th the new policy start date)I’ve received receipt of Action and my case now is pending .My question what if I left my job now and went to different employer (I know I have to submit amended forms…ETC) my concern is that OK leaving my job while my Case is pending ?

Yes, you can. But, you need to take care of couple of things

Speak to your DSO and update the change in SEVIS system and get a new I20 from DSO. Also, you need to ensure the new company is eVerified You need to file an amended petition with USCIS to the service center that is processing your petition indicating the change in employment by providing the new employer details like Everify number and a letter explaining the change in employment and also a copy of the first I-765 receipt notice for USCIS reference. You may not need to pay the fee again as it is technically an amendment. You may read OPT FAQs at TAMUI always recommend talking to your DSO and getting their advice on the process and requirements, when you are in a tricky situation like this.