What happens when L1B (Extension) and H1B (New Petition) from the same employer get approved


My L1B visa extension was valid until April 2015 (3yrs completed) and my company had filed extension (2yres) in Dec 2014 for which we got RFE in Jan 2015.We replied for the RFE in April 2015 and current status is RFE response review (May 31,2105).

In the meantime my company had filed H1B and my case was picked-up in lottery.

Please help me answer few questions:

  1. Is there any impact of L1B extension on H1B approval?

Will USCIS reject or send RFE for H1B due to L1 extension?

  1. In case my L1B extension is not approved and H1B is approved, as far as I know I will have to leave the country immediately and comeback in October with H1B stamped (provided my H1B is approved).

  2. In case both the petitions (L1B Ext and H1B) get approved,

a) what if L1 is approved earlier and H1 is approved later?

What will be my status as of October 2015?

b) what if L1 is approved later and H1 is approved earlier?

what will be my status as of October 2015? (H1B???)

  1. Also I am planning to go to India due to some personal reasons in case my L1B extension is approved.

I know I have to get my L1 stamped to get into US. But if my L1 visa is stamped, will it automatically convert to H1 in Oct 2015?

  1. If my L1B extension is approved and stamped, can I change my job after Oct 2015 considering my H1B will be valid from that time?

  2. In case my Employer is not ready to give me the approved H1B petition, can I still change my company based on the USCIS receipt number? Is it possible for the new employer to get the H1 transferred with the receipt number?

  3. Is it possible that my employer can revoke the H1B petition after approval incase my L1B extension is approved?

Thank you in advance!